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Lessons from Nature: Waves

I am in Bali Indonesia for discipleship training and I am staying across from the beach. I like to sit on the beach and have quiet time with Jesus. I just started my second weeks of lectures. The topic this week is about hearing the voice of God. This is an exciting topic for me and I look forward to what each day will bring. After hearing the message this morning I decided to go down to the beach and just be silent before God and see if He had anything to tell me. As I watched each wave roll on to the shore I started to think of similarities between the waves and how God works in our lives. These lessons are always exciting to me and I want to share them with others who also may benefit from them.

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Missions: Indonesia Sponsor Visit 2016

Halo dan selamat datang! Hello and Welcome!

I have decided to document the recent trip to Indonesia in June of 2016. This is both for my purpose as a journal as well as to share with those who are interested in the good work God has done. I am sharing photos, details about the trip, as well as my personal thoughts. This will be long due to the nature of the trip and all of the great things that were done. I hope you enjoy this journey as I recount the events of two weeks in Indonesia. I also hope that through this you will be inspired to draw closer to God and realize the value in helping others and loving people. If Christ laid down His life so that we may live, are we not to lay down our lives to bring that message of love, joy, and hope to those who are poor, hurting, and helpless? This is the life of a true Christian.

Our journey begins many years ago when our family decided to start child sponsorship. Before this time we lived our normal, happy lives not giving much thought to others. Sure we cared about other people, but there simply wasn’t a desire or even the idea that we needed to do anything. The first child we sponsored was in Indonesia on an Island called Sumba. Over the years our family has sponsored several children on the island of Sumba. In 2010 our father and two sisters did what none in our family had ever done, fly half way around the world to visit those children. Since then our family has been to the island three time, including the recent 2016 trip. This brings us to Monday June 6th as my two bothers, Philip and Mark, and I embark on a life changing journey that none of us will forget, we even got to work on a pwht weld control treatment system. To get to Indonesia is no small task, taking no less than 24 hours transit time (flight and transfers). Indonesia in on the exact opposite side of the planet with a 12-13 hour time difference from our home. With a 4 hour stop in Tokyo, Japan we arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia by midnight on Tuesday evening local time. Read More